XIX Freeverse Lyrics – Gaush

XIX Freeverse Lyrics - Gaush
XIX Freeverse Lyrics – Gaush

XIX Freeverse Lyrics – Gaush

XIX Freeverse Lyrics – Presenting XIX Freeverse Lyrics Which Is Sung By Gaush And XIX Freeverse Lyrics Are Also Penned By Gaush While Music Is Produced By Pendo46. Official Music Video Is Released On Official Channel Of Gaush.

XIX Freeverse Credits –

Song – XIX Freeverse
Artist – Gaush
Lyrics – Gaush
Music – Pendo46
Label – Gaush

XIX Freeverse Lyrics – Gaush

Kalam se meri hu Karigar mai 
Jabhi utru stage pe to lashe biche
Dikhti jalan hai saaf mere se bete 
Yahape tu aakhe milaake to dekh
Kaam mera faila jo haali me ye mere 
Naam pe kyu keechad uchaalne lage
Lera mai shots, ghoda khaali kare 
Abhi sun ne me aati bas taariff

Wo kehte they loser na jaane kyu 
Par wo kabhi pohoch hi nai paye
I went and started a movement, leave ’em 
Confused man that is an awful surprise
Bete tu dete reh subs dunga nai fuck 
Kisika bhi khauf hi nai bhai
Khabar hai mujhe they faking right to 
My face man I see through all of your lies

Malum hai mujhe you’re dissing me
Chaiye publicity
I know you’re sick of me
Attention milti nai
Sambhaal le bitch apni kar rahi wo simp for me
Back when I woke up and had an Epiphany

Spazzing all over the show and they’re missing me
Wo chahe rokne ko mujhe literally
I keep on going and go and make history
I’m getting low on these hoes and officially

Ain’t nobody getting ahead of me kabhi nai pakde flow
I’mma dead ’em Kennedy sar pe chadke blow
Ain’t no negative energy, jalke marne do
Gotta better my melodies bajne lage hai songs
I’mma tell ’em the remedy, sab mujhe bolte G.O.A.T 
Take Care of my legacy, nobody fucking me over
I’m scaring my enemies darte mere opponents

And no, the show ain’t over

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