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7:12pm [Freestyle] Lyrics - Kevin Gates

7:12pm [Freestyle] Lyrics – Kevin Gates

7:12pm [Freestyle] Lyrics – Kevin Gates

7:12pm [Freestyle] Lyrics – Presenting 7:12pm [Freestyle] Lyrics Which Is Sung By Kevin Gates And 7:12pm [Freestyle] Lyrics Are Also Penned By Kevin Gates While Official Music Video Is Released On Official Channel “KevingatesTV”.

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Song – 7:12pm [Freestyle]
Artist – Kevin Gates
Lyrics – Kevin Gates
Music – —-
Label – KevingatesTV

7:12pm [Freestyle] Lyrics – Kevin Gates

You all know what’s out with me
I don’t wanna talk
Hurt people, hurt people
I’m destroyed on the inside
Khaza deluxe on the way [8…]
I ain’t doin’ no playin”, what’s happenin”
[Wheezy outta here]

Send my [??], diamonds legit
You see the earings [Bling, baow]
[??] business, leave the 
Base crystal, smell like propane
In the two [??], with the 
Eagle stance, we with the dope gang
Interstate traffic, compartment 
Compacted with Colgate [Grrr]
Shoutout the ones that Big Sand 
Is standin’ on, thеy on it
General population, the gangstеr hold his own weight
[??], Cartel Bo send you them 
Whole things [What that be ??]
Emerald cut skeleton, they 
Be distributin’ cocaine
Astaghfirullah, seekin’
Allah’s forgiveness [Astaghfirullahh]
Twenty bricks of fentanyl
Parkour in the parking lot of Picadilly
Blood gettin’ spilled when [??] 
Family members know when I visit
[??] Baton Rouge General [Yeahh]
Car got torched even when the problems 
Weren’t personal, it was just business
Picked up on murder charges
I stood tall, got no convictions
Chop up my Honda, holler at Wop whenever I [??]
Long live Beedie, he got killed
And had the trenches in they feelings
Big bro, they FaceTimed my [??], real lil’ nigga
Glory is deaf, these is the 
Consequences when you live how we live
I done got blackballed, got a 
Trap house, and signed to the trenches
Givin’ off heroine, [??] blenders
And a box full of syringes
Nowdays, it’s sixty rounds and 
Everybody playin’ switches [Grrr]

Good old days
But, back then, it was 
Glock 26s [Boom, boom, boom]
You know I done laid, spin yo’ block
Then hop out when it’s tencious [Come here]
Up in rain, kill who play
Bag get dropped, I’ma send it
Kevin Gates, they know my name
But, it’s unpopular to mention
Stood in my power, I am powerful
And I am not finished
Fly high, and I look low
I got binocular vision
Victoria was acceptin’ me for me when
I wasn’t hot in the city [What up ??]
[??] with in Chicago, got it 
Locked in the kitchen [What up ??]
Miss. Warner keep the residue and 
Wash the pots and the dishes [What up ??]
Lead the work, okay [??]
Show me that paperwork in jail
It broke my heart about Slim
When I came home, that black and white [??]
Standin’ ten toes in the paint 
It’s all a man without blemish
All out of love, who can I trust ??
I done got swindled out millions
Mo Gotti died, I died inside
This I can’t block from my memory
Mozzy left me out here by 
Myself while I was in prison
My heart so hurt, I hold back
Tears whenever I look at his children
I feel like everybody guilty
They won’t tell me who did it
They keepin’ secrets, I’ll 
Crash this bitch right now if you tell me
I don’t smoke opp packs to 
Make fun or disrespect the dead
I tried to kill myself, but, four 
Bullets still lost inside my head
I used to think of ways to 
Die whenever I got out my bed
La illaha il-Allah, I fear
Allah, and, I ain’t scared

Bismillah Rahman il-Akbar
Allahu Akbarr
Allahu Akbarr
Alhamdulillahh [??]
Alhamdulillah [??]

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